Tips For Using Our Service

One unfortunate side-effect of using a winning strategy is bookmakers don't tend to appreciate your business. Bookies will never stop you betting with them as they aren't allowed to, however they can limit your stakes to almost pennies if they sense they aren't going to be winning money from you. Fortunately there are a few ways of throwing them off the scent.

- Always round your stakes to a normal bet amount. i.e.if our suggested stake comes out to £10.13, bet £10.
- Where possible always use phone apps to bet. Most people who aren't winning use the apps, so you should too.
- Don't bet too big. You may have noticed that if you place a fairly large bet it will go through to a trader for approval. It will likely be approved but this only serves to alert them to your presence.
- Where possible use mobile data rather than WIFI. This prevents Bookies from getting your IP address.
- If things are going well occasionally throw in a small bet that looks like something a normal gambler would bet on. i.e. Manchester United to win a match etc. This will throw them off the scent.
- If you find a bigger price on another bookie for a horse we've tipped don't bet on it at the bigger price. Our tips are specially filtered to remove bets that will alert Bookies, so as tempting as it is to get the bigger price, don't do it.
- Try not to use the WIFI if you know of someone who's had a limited bookie account who uses that WIFI. This is once again down to IP address. You don't want to be linked to someone the Bookies didn't like.

If you'd like to talk to us about any of the above please use our chat feature, we're happy to assist.