How To Use Our Service

It's simple!

Step 1

Choose the best membership option for your subscription.

Members find it useful to receive emails on their phone and use bookmaker apps.

Step 2:

You will receive a confirmation email with more details of how the system works - we use bankroll growth, not points based, betting. You will need access to multiple bookmaker accounts, to ensure you get the optimal odds.

Step 3

Please see example snippet below.

You will begin receiving emails with tips, the next day.
You will receive emails throughout the racing day.
Each email tells you what to bet on, where to bet and how much to bet (optimal).

Members can choose either % or £ for stake advised. If % is preferred, the % sent is applied to your personal bankroll. If £ is preferred, you will need to tell us your bankroll in advance.

Start earning money today.

 Any questions? You can also DM us on Twitter. Search @EachWayValueLtd and #ChangeTheWayYouBet