How will I receive my betting tips?

Every day, depending on the day's market, members receive a varying number of bets. You'll get these through regular emails so we advise you frequently check your inbox.

What information will I receive in the emails?
In each email members receive a list of horses to bet on. For each bet we'll tell you which bookie to bet at, the race, the horse, as well as the each way terms, minimum odds and stake you should bet. See an example email here.

Can I use just one or two bookmakers?
We recommend using as many bookmakers as possible to ensure you can get the optimal odds. If you only have a few bookmaker accounts you can still profit from the value bets, and we can exclude certain bookmaker accounts for you when emailing you the calculated bets.

How does the stake calculation work?
We provide you with a percentage of your current bank roll you should stake for that particular bet. The calculation used takes into account the amount of value you are getting, as well as the likelihood of that bet being successful to give you the optimal stake amount.

How are you any different from other tipping services?
We are not a traditional tipping service, based on 'expert' opinions and hunches. Instead our system identifies value using the betting market itself. Once an opportunity is identified it is emailed to our members throughout the day, from around 11am GMT. In addition, you only pay for profitable days. Any day that you do not make a profit based on the tips we send you, we add an extra day on to your membership, automatically.

Does it actually work?
Yes, we successfully made a decent amount of money ourselves and this has also been the case for our members. Whether it be supplementing your income through maternity leave, purchasing an engagement ring or saving for a deposit on a house, we've benefited our customers in a variety of ways.

How does it work?
Bookmakers don't tend to have much of an opinion on horse racing. You'll notice that they are all basically the same price for every horse. The reason for this is because they're all copying each other or betting exchanges (such as Betfair Exchange). However occasionally some bookmakers won't be very efficient in this regard for whatever reason. This is especially the case when it comes to each-way bets as they are not only factoring in the chance of a horse winning but also of it placing. The standard placement terms you get with each way bets will sometimes lead to occasions where the price offered by the bookie is too high. Our system is extremely effective at finding these opportunities.

How can I become a member of Each Way Value?
Simply choose the subscription package most suited to your needs, and follow the instructions. We accept most major payments including debit card, credit card and PayPal. We offer 1 week subscriptions for people to try us out. 1 month offers better value, and the savings increase the longer you subscribe. See all options.

How much can I make?
That's really up to you and how much you are willing to invest in terms of money and time. 

The stake for each tip we send is expressed as a percentage of your bankroll. What the bankroll is is entirely up to you. Often we have customers who start with fairly small bankrolls but over time they are able to accumulate profits and therefore increase this bankroll. We'd always recommend that you start with an amount you're comfortable with and never bet beyond your means.

We send several tips throughout the day which means you can dip in and out as you like. Currently we send tips every 20 minutes (if there are any) and ideally you'd bet on every tip. The more tips you bet on, the more you will make. However you shouldn't feel that you're losing out if you miss a few tips throughout the day, there's always more tips.

Some of our customers are able to make £1000+ each month, some are happy to make a few hundred a month. 

Do I need to know about horse racing?
Absolutely not. Our members need no knowledge of horse racing as our emails provide clear instructions of who to bet on, where to bet, and exactly how much to bet. Its that simple!

Do you give refunds?
We don't give refunds. However if we are unable to provide tips due to any issue for any more than 3 hours in one day we'll add an extra day on to your subscription.  

Are my personal details shared?
No. Never. We will not share any of your details. We use your email address to send the tips but that's all.

What is your aim?
Long term profit for our members.

Start making money today.

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